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First Cut of the Beardumentary!

February 25th, 2009

Here it is: the first cut of the Beardumentary by Katelyn Bogucki!

Wait, what? Beardumentary? Oh, yes. Katelyn contacted me the day I launched ThingsMyBeardCanLift.com to ask if she could document the process, so she’s been there from the beginning, recording all the ridiculousness. Here’s her bio:

Katelyn is a senior at DePaul University, majoring in journalism and digital cinema. Throughout her course of study, she has documented a variety of interesting characters and has shared their stories through print and video.

She considers Eamon an interesting character and has enjoyed chronicling the beard lifts. After graduation, Katelyn hopes to find a job in media so that she can keep telling stories.

Katelyn would like to thank Morgan Gemeny for assisting her during the filming process.

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